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Guide to Owners Corporations

Strata Titles/Bodies Corporate

A Guide for Owners Corporations has been developed by Consumer Affairs Victoria to provide an overview of what an Owners Corporation is, and how it operates. You can get copies by telephoning 1300 558 136 or following the link above to the CAV Owners Corporation website.

Consumer Affairs

Consumer Affairs Victoria is a group within the Department of Justice to assist you become aware of your rights and responsibilities as a consumer or trader. Please click on the link to be connected to the CAV Owners Corporation website.

Acts and Regulations Owners Corporations Victoria

Owners Corporation Act 2006
Owners Corporation Regulations 2018
Subdivisions Act 1988
Subdivision (Fees) Regulations 2016
Subdivision (Procedures) Regulations 2011
Subdivision (Registrar’s Fees) Regulations 2016
Subdivision (Registrar’s Requirements) Regulations 2011

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

VCAT is a tribunal that hears and decides civil and administrative legal cases in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Land Victoria

You can obtain a copy of the plan of subdivision for your Owners Corporation from Land Registry of Victoria.

Building Commission

The Building Commission of Victoria oversees building controls to ensure safety, liveability and sustainability in our environment. The Commission oversees building legislation, regulates building practices and provides services to industry and consumers.

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